webmonkey intro

The general idea of this is to post some of the fantastically cool links I come across. I like free stuff, funny videos, geek tricks (like turning a tic tac box into a flashlight), and anything and everything to do with web design.
I am also a big fan of old cartoons and will post some videos soon as I figure how.  I also will post about the dozen or so podcasts that I listen to.

So put me in your feeder and you will always have a steady diet of laura the webmonkey.

See my web projects evolve by going to www.swishtastic.com  I have no real site of my own yet, so I am posting my daily progress on my latest endeavor.  It's also a good way for clients to see how it's going and look for things to make my life rough, oops, I typed that.  I meant, give me lots of feedback and input on how the design is coming along.


One thought on “webmonkey intro

  1. I’ve got some really old Felix the Cat toons on DVD. It was for my children but when they started watching it they were really scared. Like yourself I’ll try to figure out how to get them online. If I’m successful I’ll make sure to share them with you. Believe me when I say that the entertainment they once made for children is truely warped.

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