Podcast Reviews

The first podcast that I want to talk about is Web Design Podcast form Boagworld.com, release 4/10/06, The Great Flash Debate.  Paul and Marc are masters of the verbal duel.  Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration.  The biggest down side of Flash, which Paul loves to bring up, is the lack of accessibility for search engines as well as readers.  But the fantastic advantage of Flash as a medium for complicated content was touted by Marc.  There are some really great points in this podcast, making the obvious conclusion that judicial use of Flash is a must –  Duh!

Disco Squirrels, released 4/6/06, show #4 – Places to Buy Technology Stuff.  Well, this show was a bit less enlightening that the first and second shows.  There are lots of URLs, but nothing I found extraordinary.  I hope that the hosts do at least two of the following: make a format, have good notes for each show, fix the sound levels so we can hear everyone, and organize your web site with links you mention in the casts.  Don't give up, there's a lot of potential here.

Geek Speak Radio, released 4/9/06, #54.  An information packed, although heavy on the gaming side this time.  With a great format and clear sections and always-on-topic hosts, this podcast is still geek speak.  I have learned way more about Oblivion than I thought possible; too bad I'm not into the role playing games.  But this episode is three-quarters gaming related, and I started to tune out until the TV section, and then I started to fall asleep because I haven't watched TV in close to 14 years.  But the French Media Law was interesting becasue of it's impact on Ipods.  I am totally into the idea of getting shows into a format my ipod can play, and having my ipod as my viewer for certain shows/videos.  Now is there something similar  for my psp, too? Hmm, I feel an article coming on, check back soon.

Web Axe – Accessibility Tips, released 3/29/06, ALT Attributes — Use Them Damn It.  Look, when you're right, you're right.  This is a huge issue in the design community right now. I want to hear more certainty in your voice.   So using alt tags is a social courtesy as well as validation requirement, so I agree, "Use Them, Dang It!"  It really isn't all that much more work, and if you are really dreading it, outsource it.

Well, that's it for podcasts at the moment.  More on podcasting next week.


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