Podcast Reviews

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Now on to podcasts: This week I tried a few new podcasts. I know they are not new to many, but I usually go for the obscure before I try the popular.

Web Design Podcast from Boagworld.com, episode 31, Working with Style Guides. I couldn’t imagine getting a manual on how, when, why and where to use a company’s logo. Yikes. But I guess if you have high-profile clients, it happens. So Paul goes over how to deal with that. I am one of those difficult people that have no problem telling a client, “I won’t do that.” But if you have to schmooze your clients, this is how. My eyes glassed-over most of this topic, as compromise is not one of my strong points.

Geek Speak Radio, episode 55, 4/20/06. As usual, heavy on the gaming. I found the info on Amazon Simple Storage interesting. V for Vendetta was a great movie, as they agreed. Dell and Alienware – my prediction is that this will drag Alienware down to mediocre, not bring Dell up to the serious-user market. This is a great all-over wrap of tech news, interesting as always.

Vitamin Training, Ruby Basics and The Secret to Perfect Version Control. Hmmm. These are interesting, but I wouldn’t call it training. I am nuetral on these at the moment. What it really needs is a website companion.

The Widget, episode 41, Tech Troubles and other Fun, 4/25/06. This was my first episode of this one. After I got over the bad language, it was really good. I couldn’t care less about the Xbox, but there was plenty of other topics that were great. I just wish they would tone-down the language.
Ruby on Rails Podcast, episode Planet Argon, 4/25/06. This is very interesting as usual. I must admit that lots of this is over my head, as I am a beginner at Ruby on Rails. It’s one of those “jump-in-with-both-feet” things. They have some URLs of user groups that I have to check out for sure.

ExtremeTech, episode 4/17/06. This is for those geeks and gamers that have actually made the transition to grown-up. I like the home theater talk, this was unique among the shows.

That’s it for this week! Try a new podcast today!


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