Design, naturally.

(I will not drone on about the silliness of design that extends beyond viewable space – just don't do it.)

gliderSince time began, humans have been observing the natural patterns around us. Over time, we have become instinctively comfortable with the familiar sights of nature. You can use this instinct to your advantage and make your layouts feel more friendly and usable by modeling patterns from the nature world.

fibflowArrangements can be modeled after spirals, waterfalls, circles, cascades, steps, slopes, or an endless number of possibilities. The hardest part is deciding which arrangement is best for your content. (It is decidedly harder to fit you content into a certain layout than the other way around. I think this is why so many people look down on templates.) Remember, most things in nature are not symmetrical, even numbered, or perfectly matched.

spiralGet inspired by looking through books on flower arranging, Fibonacci or Feng Shui. Help me build my Swicki on web design by entering search terms at

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2 thoughts on “Design, naturally.

  1. Thanks! I am fairly new to blogging. I aspire to be part of 9 Rules or the A List someday.
    I have added a widget with a list of all the podcasts I listen to. I didn’t realize there were so many – 19 of them. I also checked out your delicious and wow, you have a ton of bookmarks.

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