Tech Podcast Reviews and a Podcast Dumpster Award

Web Design Podcast from, episode 5/8/06
I am thrilled with their success, because they really deserve it. It is rare to find a professional that will help others in the same field without a large fee and a notarized non-complete. But Paul and Marcus are so helpful and honest, and this show on "Creating a great search facility" is no exception. (Facility, snicker. We say utility.) As always I highly recommend this podcast and I really liked the information on the different ways colors are coded. I always crack up at the way Brits say Beta, like Beetuh, and I can't get the Wallace and Gromit thing out of my head. I must be a typical American.

The Practical Web Design Magazine Podcast, episode 5/8/06
IE 7! Geez, another browser to test on. Paul finally pins down his recommendations for books on the topic of web standards design. Ajax accessibility issues, Microsofts version of adsense. The main part is dealing with lots of text. The PWDM has a disc that comes with the mag, and I hear has some tuts on it – very nice! Google site-map automater link Featured site is
Fantsitic as usual.

The Widget, episode 5/7/06
This is my third or fourth episode, and I can't take it anymore. It seems as though when they are talking about tech, they know their stuff. However, most of this particular show is non-tech related, and quite frankly filth. The show shall be given my Podcast Dumpster award. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to disinfect myself and unsubscribe.

101 Web Design Show, episode 5/3/06
This show is on the differences & similarities between print design and web design. This show was a good one guys, but I would really like to feel like you put some research into it. Some links to resources to help people go further on the topic, not just interesting sites, because you have a ton of interesting links already at

Geeks and God, episode 5/4/2006
Really great. Starting with the show on 4/28/06, they are going over the basics on what you need to know if you want or have a web site. Broad-based and no techie-babble.

Zerologik, episode 5/3/06
Hee hee, their site got updated, and all I can do is sing, "Workin' at the car wash." It looks very bubbly. Great show! As usual, they cover lots of stuff, just listen, and laugh.


2 thoughts on “Tech Podcast Reviews and a Podcast Dumpster Award

  1. Hey Laura….
    Was just checking out your site after you posted on the Geeks and God podcast board.

    You’ve got a cool concept here of reviewing tech podcasts. This could be a really useful tool. Keep it up!

    -Rob Feature
    The Geeks and God Podcast

  2. Laura,

    Nice site. I just added you to my daily RSS reads.

    Thanks for blogging about the Geeks and God podcast. We are glad you enjoy it. We aim to do a podcast of what people want to hear about and not just what we feel like talking about. Although, we hope they meet in the middle.

    If there is anything else you want to hear about, something specific you want more info on, or some place you think we are just off the mark please feel free to let us know.


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