My First Time with IE7 beta 2

No Text, More Page  The first difference I noticed was there's absolutely no text menu at the top, and I lack of text all around. The absence of the word File in the upper left corner was not as unnerving as I thought it would be.    In fact, I rather enjoyed the lack of text, it was less distracting and made more room for the page. 

Everything is pretty much icon-driven.  I do not know the official names of the icons, but I will try to describe them as best as possible.  It kept all of my prior setting and bookmarks completely in tact after installation.  My icq integrated smoothly. All the regulars are there at the top: back, forward, address, stop, refresh, google search (where did that come from?), a house for home, printer for print, a page for page options, and a gear for tools. New ones I noted were:  zoom (these look like the compass off google maps), highlight (looks like a fat pen), a star for favorite center, a plus for add to favorites orange and white feed square, books for research.    There were a couple more in the collapsed menu section, but they were unremarkable, to me at least.  It also had a 'send to bluetooth' because I have that on my laptop.

Tabville So I opened my first page.  The tab came up and I liked the circle much better than the hourglass.  There is also a tab to open a new empty tab. And a cool tab tab that shows little screen shots of all your open pages and you can click on the one you want to view.  I really liked that – it doesn't make me think.  There was also a drop down menu with all open windows listed, but how boring is that?

What's that blue arrow? If you open your favorites and click on a blue arrow to the right of a folder, every page in the folder opens up in a tab.  Unfortunately, I picked a folder with lots of links in it to try this on and I got an error or four! Then it just closed out.  Bye bye, see ya later. I tried the blue arrow again on a smaller folder and it worked great, but I couldn't think of what to use it for. 

Feed Me Anywho, I started opening pages and was getting great load times. (As far as  performance goes, keep in mind that I have an extremely high-end gaming machine, so be very jealous.) Then I had to try the feed.  I subsribed to a feed through the browser and it made a list of my feeds like the favorites. Dare I to think that it is possible that I might one day have all my feeds going to one location? 

CSS Correction Now I had to do the CSS test.  I created a page that has a simple defect that shows as a bottom border padded 10 px in IE6, but with the same CSS, that border displays directly under the text in FireFox.  In IE7 it displays just as the FireFox does.  One disturbing thing I had happen is it overrode my text settings in certain places (divs).

It's cute, and it followed me home, so I think I will keep it. 


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