IE6 Exorcism 12am today

I am incredibly tired of listening to the woes of web designers in regards to Internet Explorer 6. We have perpetuated the problem and now we're up to our eyeballs. Will it haunt us forever?

Ask a user about IE6 and they have no problem with it. As far as they can see, everything looks like it's supposed to. Why? Because designers have done a fabulous job of making a sows ear into a silk purse. Give designers a big round of applause for perpetuating the facade that IE6 is a decent browser. Users could not see the problems, so they did not demand a fix from Microsoft or look for an alternative. Now the vast majority of surfers use IE6. People get used to one thing, learn a little bit about it, get comfortable and horribly fixated. Many will bemoan the fact that they might have to learn something different or partially new. This, among other factors, has given IE6 a majority market-share. Majority market-share means money and clients know this. And the prize is you get to deal with clients that will walk away if they hear that you won't make sites that are consistent across browsers, including IE6. We all know that greed is not the promoter of best practices. For now, we live with the hacks, but I have hopes that IE7 will help remedy things, and not be just one more browser to deal with. But how do we exorcise IE6 and get users on better browsers, be it IE7, FireFox, Opera, or whatever? I don't think I can face the next five years if I have to keep hacking my CSS for IE6. One thing is for sure; eventually, change is embraced, or tolerated, as the case may be.  


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