Podcast Reviews

Zerologik, 019  and 019b – 05.18.2006
These were two very different shows for Zerologik.  019b – The interview with the authors of "Pro MySQL" is good, I learned a few things. When it comes to interviews, I would suggest having a time limit, but not a time goal. 019 –   This episode breaks form and could have been left out and not missed. Actually, there was one good story about he porn makers putting up content for download and supposedly burn.  The implications of this is big, I think, for the TV and movie industry. BTW, I don't think I ever heard how to win one of those books!!  I hope this is just a hormonal hiccup and that the Zerologik I knew before comes back.

Mad Techie – Episode 7, 5/16/06
I like the way you feel like your just overhearing two experienced IT guys talking about tech. I think their rants are funny.  

Geeks and God –
episode 5/12/06 Database Driven Sites and episode 5/19/06 What to put on your site.
K7.net for free voicemail and fax in your inbox, Odeo – add your fav rss onto your website, So many good information and resources if you want to create an online community.  I am used to thinking of these as 'content management systems' mostly.  
Skype.com is trying to promote itsself by offering free VoIP for the rest of this year?  I've heard many variations, stop by skype and check it out for yourself.
The universal VoIP phone is a fantastic idea, gotta research that more. Every good web master knows that  after people take in the initial appearance of a site, the only thing that gets them  to return is the content.  Text needs to be concise, and information plain and easy to access. A little about RSS, and the all-important plea to keep sites updated.  206-984-3694 is their voicemail for the show. Hey, some of us do it yourselfers need a show on setting up/optimizing your own web server.


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