Grazr for RSS sharing – so cool, so easy!

Thanks to Vinu, I checked out Grazr, and must admit that it's totally cool. Grab an OPML file, shove it in the code, and Bam! a widget appears with the orange RSS feed symbols next to the name of each feed on your site. I think it's a great way to share the feeds you like with others.

I tried to put it in my blog by using the HTML editor, but alas, it wouldn't be that simple, would it? (If anyone knows how I can get it on here, plz let me know.) So I have linked to my personal site (I don't accept any critiques of my personal site as it is a quickie and I am assuming no responsibility for it as of yet) where I have obnoxiously put it on my home page. At least it is easy to find.


One thought on “Grazr for RSS sharing – so cool, so easy!

  1. Hi Laura, I’m sorry I missed this post. I try to help people out who are having problems installing Grazrs. I know it’s more complicated than it should be and I’m working on it. 🙂

    Are you trying to add a Grazr to your wordpress site? I’m working on developing a wordpress widget so that it will work with, but unfortunately, since doesn’t let you alter the blog template (at least the last time I checked) you can’t put one on your sidebar with the current ‘cut-and-paste’ html include method. The new version of the code does let you put it in a post though.

    Hopefully we’ll get to the wordpress widget very soon!

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