Vista, a quick first look.

So we got another machine in the house the other day, with the Nvidia 7900 something or other that's supposed to be very good, dual core processor thingy, huge widescreen monitor, and you get the picture.  We put Vista b2 on it just because we could.  It is fantastic looking.  The display backgrounds are incredibly three-dimensional looking.  Very glassy. The start menu has the icon enlarged and at the top of the menu, partially hanging out of the menu and it changes on rollover.  (All those little icons next to the text are rather annoying to me, I am glad they are gone.) The windows are different in that they have semitransparent parts, and the buttons in the upper right glow when you rollover them.  The windows are mostly a pale grey, although I am sure that can be changed.  They are split horizontally into two frames, the upper is the semi-transparent one and the bottom has file lists, etc.  It occurred to me that with all this fogged-glass look they could have called it Bathroom Windows.  The pie charts (that remind me so much of Quatro) are replaced by horizontal bar graphs.  Yes, it does look reminiscent of a Mac OS, which is probably why it will do well.  Then we couldn't find any sound drivers and had to put the old XP back on, because we watch movies and play games on that machine, and how much fun would that be without sound?


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