Podcast Reviews for 6/2/06

Geeks & God – #5 Advanced Techniques
Yes.   Want to know what you need to make you website whistle and ring?  This is a great beginners discussion on how those other guys make their websites do what they do.  Covers PHP, javascript, and a bunch of other useful languages and a bit about framworks, too!  The site revamp is much better, see it at geeks&god.com

Zerologik – episode 21
Ahhh.  The show is back.  I laughed out loud a couple of times, and Scott can get really bitter – but it's funny.  (Scott, you've been fabulously vocal.) Eyal is "the geek that wasn't."  I'm kinda getting worried about the human interest stories that Shane throws in.  The memory aid thing, and now this Bayer story  – is he getting sappy on us? BTW, I don't care for Picasa.  And that laptop you talked about – I have last years model – with mods.  Love it.  (That IE7 hit is me!!)  And you a are right – you need to have IE6 to develope widely accessible sites because there are people that will stay stuck in crap, I don't know why. 

we3geeks.com – "Memorial Day!"
Listening to smart people is so much better than listening to dumb people.  Unless you need a laugh.  These guys are smart, and cover so many things I won't even try to list them all.  Absolutely fabulous.


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