Where are the tech podcasts?

Have you ever been browsing iTunes Podcasts, and discover a really cool title, only to find out that there are absolutely no shows or maybe one or two shows from last year in there? So disappointing. This is one of the problems with a free service like iTunes Podcasts; people are quick to abandon them as soon as they are bored, get negative feedback, or have to do a little work. Too bad.

I tend to shy away from the ordinary and the sponsored, and look for those down-home, "doin' it because I love it" shows. These are so rare in the tech genre that I end up putting in considerable time to search for them. So I wonder how long the deadbeat shows are going to clutter my podcast directory and make searching for good shows a chore? Does iTunes automatically delete inactive podcasts? They probably should, seeing as how they are so numerous and it has become discouraging as well as bothersome to wade through the sea of nothingness to get to the few shows with content and the even fewer shows with up-to-date content.

Some frustration abatement:

Podcast Alley



One thought on “Where are the tech podcasts?

  1. Laura,

    After playing around with wordpress.com, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to get Graze to work will be to develop a widget and then hope the wordpress folks will allow it to be added to the ‘default’ widget panel. Everything I tried, posting one, adding one to a “text” widget, etc… failed because they’re stripping out all of the <script><iframe> and other tags that are needed for Grazr to load. I understand why they’re doing it but it makes it tough to add any bahvior to wordpress.com hosted sites that isn’t provided by them. 🙂 All the individually hosted wordpress sites should still work, it’s just blogs on wordpress.com that are limited.

    Widgets are a big focus for us right now and we’re working on enabling as many different widget architectures as possible (Yahoo, Apple, WordPress, Typepad, etc…)

    In regards to a podcast, we are in fact working on a new site with technical information and hopefully a podcast as well. I’ll let you know when that launches!

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