Podcast/Vidcast Review for 6/21/06

I picked up a couple of new shows this week, and will have them reviewed after I get in a few episodes. They are Chip-For-Brains Computer Show and Mike Tech Show Podcast.

Vinatage ToonCast (video) – (This is marked Explicit, but I can't figure why yet. If I do find something inappropriate, I will post about it.) This is a great idea! I am such the vintage toon fan, so I was excited to find this. Psst! It isn't tech related, don't tell.

Web Hosting Show – Hosting Podcast – Hmmm. The show is exactly what the title suggests, but I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. This guy has sponsors, although I can't figure how he swung that. I find his voice difficult to listen to, and the info might be good for some, but decidedly not for me. I thought that since I am my own web host, I might get some good tips for tweaking my server – not!

That's it for this week; next week I want to write about what I think makes a good tech podcasts. Maybe in some small way, I can help make the tech podcast genre better. (Yes, that is sarcasm.)


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