Podcast Review – Mr. SEO’s Podcast

For those that are having a low sugar day, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. *taking a big breath* SEO is essentially preparing the code and content in your site to be indexed by the search engine bots, and the better your coding and content, the better your placement for a particular search term. It would be so much easier if we just had the algorithm. 😉
Joe & Alan are a couple of real New York boys. Get past the intro music that is reminiscent of a 1950’s coffee commercial, and there’s a fantastic show. Let’s face it, SEO is an enigma to most people. Most of the information flying around is more like superstition than technology. Joe and Alan (not Al) will enlighten you to the realities of SEO. They talk about various aspects of the rankings game as well as various ethical and unethical practices, and answer boat loads of questions submitted by listeners. I think it is the personal attention that Joe pays to his listeners questions that makes this show great. Joe’s site and blog are also great resources, being those rare places that actually gives good advice for free. Tune in and get straight talk from these guys.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast Review – Mr. SEO’s Podcast

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  2. I agree great show. I used to listen to it once a week while I worked out.

    MIssed it for the last month or so, as I’ve been focusing on personal finance podcasts.

    Going to start listening again tomorrow.

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