Podcast Review – The Security Catalyst

Every week, okay, maybe a few times a week, I sit in front of my computer and search for decent tech podcasts. This one’s too obscene, that one’s too boring, this other one is too dumbed-down, is about how this experience usually goes. Until I tried The Security Catalyst. Thanks to Michael Santarcangelo (yes, he is really bald) I am busy looking over my computers shoulder – frequently.

Like every decent podcast, this one has a blog site to go with it. I was very excited to hear professionals talk in a very real way about the unreal things going on in the computer frontier. It seems that along with the amazing productiveness that computers give us is paired with an extreme vulnerability, and there are always those out there that will exploit any weakness. (Black Hats)

To protect ourselves, we must take responsibility into our own hands because there are no other hands to take it. This is not like the society of the real world, where you can put up physical barriers to protect yourself, and the police are on a pretty much level ground with the outlaws.
Until a better sheriff (White Hat) comes to town, I’ll be keeping my loaded guns at my sides.

This has inspired me to protect my computer life better, in some freakishly paranoid way. Thanks, Michael, keep up the good fight.


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