Revision3: Who Says Techno-geeks Aren’t Well-rounded?

Welcome to the next level.

Revision3 is coming right out and telling you to kill your television.  (Why?  Because anyone with half of a brain knows that television is nothing but a corporate controlled, not-so-cleverly hidden agenda that wants to keep you stoopid-fied. )  In contrast to regular television, Revision3 offers a variety of shows through a multitude of distribution platforms.  Although they are decidedly aimed at the more technically savvy, there are shows for almost everyone.

  • Ctrl-Alt-Chicken – a show that prepares a different main dish each episode,  proving that techno-geeks are skilled in more areas than just technology. 
  • Web Drifter – You want Web Drifter if you’re feeling like a safari through the darkest parts of the web. 
  • Systm – more of what I like, which is how to twist technology for nefarious deeds.  I think it was named this solely to annoy my spellchecker.

This is just a small sampling of the shows they have on Revision3 for download or stream.   One word of caution:  A few of the shows include content that is immature in nature, which is to say that it is not suitable for youngsters. 

Speaking of which, when is Revision3 going to have a show for mini-eggheads?  I won’t be happy until my kids have 1337 skillz.


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