If TV is Jekyl, the Internet is Hyde

It’s getting harder and harder to find Internet media that isn’t, well, how should I say it?  Vulgar, offensive, disgusting, pointless, or just plain bad.   I am trying, I really am.  I have always thought TV was an IQ-sucker, and I fear that Internet media is becoming just another portal for stoopidity to seep into society.

I particularly liked this site for the music and professional-looking content. FlashTV is just what it seems. Of course, there is a work-around for the Eolas annoyance, and I don’t know why they don’t use it! Other than that, it is a fantastic experience in animation of all sorts. As is getting to be standard practice, there is some content that would be considered not for youngsters.

Now for all you that fancy thinking you have a hidden talent for film making, take a look at Visionair. This is an open access netcasting site, and it is slathered with “American Idol” type talent. I really tried to ignore that “obviously 90’s” look of the website, but it ended up forcing me to close the browser window before I started bleeding from the nose.  [Repeat mature content advisory here.]

That’s it for now, boys and girls.  Time to go paint my toenails.


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