G4tv and Disney XD: a little bit of something for everyone

Ah, the proverbial Geek paradise.  G4 has great shows that are professional, stream nicely, and have content that blows your socks off.  Technology, Sci-Fi, movies;  keep an eye on the clock because you’ll need to pave yourself.  I pretty much like everything there, except maybe the shows telling me about other television shows…that I don’t watch.  Have we really gotten that desperate for content??

Just goes to show, you don’t need cable or satellite.  Geeky goodness is just a click away. 

Now, Disney has offered it’s TV shows over the net for some time now.  My kids watch many of the shows that they wouldn’t normally see because we don’t have a television service.  They are launching a brand new way to interact with the games, shows, etc. on their site that is the heaviest use of “web 2.0” style I have seen so far.  Check out DXD (Disney Digital Extreme)  and click around.  Move the panels, make the viewable big and small.  Click the video button toward the top and get a screen with everything that has to do with the show of your choice splashed all over.  Kids are going to love this.  And if you think they won’t know how to use the new interface…you’re fooling yourself.


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