Barbie Virtual World

Barbie Girls screenshotThe battle is forcing some serious innovations from Mattel.  With the launch of Barbie Girls Beta, comes fantastic clothes, funky furniture, and everything comes in pink.  Much less slick than Disney XD, but way more interactive, get your character dressed and ready because she has an apartment to decorate, clothes to buy, pets to adopt, and B bucks to earn and spend.  The mall has a lot more ways to spend your B bucks, but I’ll let you check it out for yourself.  There’s a chat and friend feature, too, which I believe is going to be moderated quite heavily.  I will have to look more into that.  The registration process is simple enough, and your home screen comes complete with a button to send your parents a reminder to get you the flash-drive-in-the-shape-of-a-doll that goes with it.  Thanks, Mattel.  But the one good thing I see coming from this is it might get girls who would otherwise shun a computer as ‘too much science’ into technology.


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