ViroPop – contagious and sweet…

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a liberal.  I do, however, have a basic respect for the environment and being a responsible human in general.  The flagship show on ViroPop is Taproot and it is quite well done, even by my exceedingly high right-wing standards. 😉

—- Watch it in my VodPod ———->

I thought it was funny, well thought out, and the graphic presentation is very hip.  I would like to make one slightly demeaning comparison.  The host of Taproot did remind me of a certain overly-perky vidcast host of a certain show called Geek Brief.  Which happens to annoy me enough that I won’t watch Geek Brief anymore, even if it did have good information once in a while.  I can only take so much of watching a grown woman act like a three year old.  Boy, am I going to get some flyback on this posting…


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