Internet TV – how to do it right

So watching has become a major pain in the rear.  The ads are quite disengaging and you have to click to continue the show after viewing them.  However, I must say, that, which airs the fabulous show “Chuck” has interactive ads you can play (love the snowball fight!) with and instantaneous progression to the show afterwards.  This makes it so much easier, for example,  to watch while on the treadmill.

I am almost to the point where I don’t want to watch any show unless it streams in HD.  I don’t mind downloading a bit of code to do it, either.  The picture quality is getting quite nice on my widescreen, and is making watching easier and more enjoyable.

I am not an average viewer, I must admit.  I don’t know when shows are on because I watch them on the net as I feel like it, or get them from iTunes, which leaves me with less of a network affiliated feeling.  I expect more out of advertisements than a skit with catchy music, or a flashing banner saying, “Hit the monkey.”  If I see another Viagra ad, I’ll unplug my router.  Most networks have such a beautiful interface, couldn’t you get someone to write a cookie so I don’t have to watch the same ads over and over?  Ad agencies, please, get people that know what the internet is and is capable of, for a good example, see Sprints adverts.

Major networks should be taking more advantage of the internet by letting viewers rate the shows in a more meaningful manner.  Maybe then we will get less channels with more to watch, instead of 600 channels with nothing worth watching?

And while I still feel like complaining, Fox – get rid of the auto refresh on your news site.  It is an annoyance at best and unnecessary.


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