Polarizing Effects of Technology

Ignorance of technology will be the downfall of many people in the near future. Those that have failed to keep up with technology, and I don’t mean end-user functionality, will be at the mercy of those that do. It is not enough to have access to the web and know how to use a search engine, these are activities that are guided by the technology; you are just going through the flow chart. The people that can guide the technology instead of being guided by it, creating and altering the flow chart, will be polarize us all into two groups; strangely enough there are already names for the groups: white hats and black hats.

If you collect stray animals, give the homeless your spare change, and want to do your part to bring a little peace and understanding to the world by being a good example, then you fall into the first category of those that want to help. I’m not against helping people, as you might assume from my somewhat derogatory depiction. But rather, I find it to be an over whelming, frustrating job. Trying to educate people enough to make them the least bit secure while online is just about futile. If you turn off all the wonderful bells and whistles that web sites offer, the web becomes a rather boring flat place for average people. We have become accustomed to the conveniences of automated processes. Time needs to be spent on tasks that most computer users find a ‘waste’ of time, since they don’t notice anything wrong in the first place. They only complain when their browser homepage is mysteriously reset or their screen is covered with pop-ups. Software helps, but it costs money and is in no way leak-proof. I have learned that people are going to do what they want, especially when they don’t understand and can’t perceive the consequences.

People don’t believe there are sharks in the water until they have been bitten, and by then, it is way too late to start complaining.

Those that belong in the later group know who you are. You know that 99% of the population have no idea what you do, how you do it, or that you are doing it at all. If society can’t conceive of what you do, how can they tell you’ve done something wrong, never-the-less prove it in a court of law filled with people that can barely email? Other than that, all I have to say is no comment.


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