Meaning vs Volume in SEO

I get really tired of hearing, typing and thinking about that word.  Keyword.   Oh well, I guess I should stop whining and get this post over with.

Keywords are kinda important to a web page.  No, really.  They are the relevant, frequented, related word-web created by the content of each page of a site to entice the search engine crawlers.  Wow, that’s good, even for me.

But seriously, if you take a look at your keywords (1, 2,  and 3 word phrases) and they don’t sum up what your page is supposed to be about, you better do one of two things.

First, you can change your content so that the keywords better represent the purpose of your page.  This involves statistics analysis, research, copy writing, more research, and more tweaking of your page’s content until it does represent your page’s purpose.  But keywords not only establish what your site is all about for the search engines, but done right they can maximize your exposure and therefore increase search engine traffic.  After deciding which keywords best define a page, you must go out and research the most-searched for  keywords for the subject matter of the page.  This not only includes finding the volume of your existing keywords, but related keywords as well.  If you find a related keyword that is queried a lot, you will want to bump up that keyword’s frequency for the relevant page.  Then go through and do this with each page in your site, with no content duplication.  Yeah, there’s the tedious bit.

The balancing act between keywords that define and keywords with volume is what organic SEO is all about.  (Insert circus dog act here.)  And this is what ruins search integrity when unscrupulous users insert high volume keywords that have nothing to do with their content into their page.  Sorry, had to rant a bit.

Or, you can change the purpose of your site to match your existing keywords.  No, really.  But it’s not like this is much less work because you still have to do the research into related words and volumes.   Because that’s what it’s all about.


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