I hope you never have to use this: Ex-blocker

The internet does not forget easily.  There are things that you want to try and forget.  It would have just been easier to exercise better judgment., but since you’re past that bit of advice try Ex-blocker.   It appears to take a name, screen name, handle, etc. related to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and blogs then work some sort of fairy godmother magic to make this person disappear (in an online sort of way).

But how it does…whatever it does…it doesn’t say.  Does it automate the Block feature in Facebook or Twitter?  No, it would need your login info.   Does it delete their blog from your bookmarks? That seems plausible, no, actually expected.  It creates a browser plug-in that does something…

The tag-line is “Hide your exes on the internet.”   That sounds like a giant game of virtual hide and seek to me.  What I think it really does is act as   interference, if I may use an American football simile,  between your browser and any content you specify as the opposing team.  That is really more like hiding from your ex.

I’d like to know but I don’t have an Ex to try it on. 🙂  If you have tried this, I’d love to hear what it did for you.


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