Will the real Google please stand up?

Yes, localized search results are nice.  Most of the time.  But there are times when I want to search on a grander scale.    There are times when I’m not interested in the main search stream;  I may be looking for outliers and fringe sites.

But for my convenience, Google has helped (?) me search by restricting my results by language, then country, then my geo-coordinates, then file type, then…ya, depressing, isn’t it?    What do I want? Everything. Give me everything that’s content-relevant  and let me whittle it down the way I want, whether it be by localization, date, etc.

I’d also settle for a vintage Google search page that uses the old algorithms.  No signing in, no pre-filtering, no baloney.  Just the search results.

*To improve the current search results, you can terminate your Google Web History.  But Google will still use the IP address you access the internet with and use it to apply the localization filter when it deems appropriate. There’s no explanation of how it decides when a search is appropriate for localization, though, and no way to opt-out. As of this posting, I know of no way to circumvent this.


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