Human Connectedness and Technology

I am so sick of hearing people  blather on about how technology is isolating us as humans.  Wha??  I’m sorry, but then why all the hub-bub about online privacy?  Why does a change in F@cebook make the news? Why does Tw1tter propagate news faster than the news networks?

The tools that keep people connected these days might seem rather impersonal to anyone not accustomed to them. I know our neural pathways become burned-in in certain ways, and maybe forms of communication is one of those things.  Maybe for some, it’s too difficult to forge new paths because those ruts are so deep. I’ll give them that.  But the danger comes when the inability to learn manifests as fear. It’s like getting spooked by the telephone because you can’t see the person you are talking to, and thereby denying that it facilitates communication. Yes, it’s true that if something is intimidating, daunting, or not easily understood, it is feared.  And you certainly don’t feel comfortable using something that makes you feel that way.  But just because you may feel that way about it does not mean that others feel that way.



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