Social Engineering Skill Set: #2

Reading people and people reading you.  Well, people reading what you want them to read anyway.    We don’t just hear other people, we combine what we see with what we hear with what we have experienced before with what we are wired to comprehend to complete our understanding.  Observing body language, facial expressions, gestures, and more to understand more accurately what another person is feeling and thinking.   Reading people is a skill that some of us weren’t born with, myself included.  Luckily, whether or not you were inherently gifted, there are many books on the subject.  However, remember that this goes both ways;  you want to send the correct messages with your words, but if all of your signs don’t fit what you are saying, you’ll never be convincing.  This topic is widely varied from whole body language to facial expressions to voice intonations, so I will leave you with a list of authors and let the experts do their thing.

(You will notice that some of these authors are writing to educate others on what a social engineer might try to do.  This is not an oversight.  You can take the information on what has been effective from these books as they give very precise details on how many controlling techniques are used.  It will also give you the techniques that many people will use to counteract your intentions.)

  1. Joe Navarro
  2. Paul Ekman
  3. David J. Lieberman
  4. Barbara Pease
  5. Pamela Meyer
  6. Christine Cruz
  7. Robert Greene
  8. Robert B. Cialdini
  9. Martha Stout
  10.  Albert J. Bernstein
  11. Connie Dieken
  12. Gavin de Becker
  13. George Thompson
  14. Mark Bowden
  15. Gerard I. Nierenberg
  16. Kevin Hogan
  17. Sally Hogshead
  18. Nicholas Boothman

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