My three-word vocabulary

When I go to job interviews, my vocabulary magically decreases to about three words.  I forget everything I ever knew about myself, nevertheless my skills or talents. I’d feel more comfortable if I could just sit down and take a written exam, or better yet, a fill-in-the-bubble test. I have way more in my head than what comes out my mouth.  I’m just not very verbal.

Don’t listen to what I say, look at what I can do.  Yes, I’m mostly self-taught.  I find answers for myself.  If I don’t know it, I figure it out.  I thrive on criticism and an honest opinion.  I can get projects and tasks done on time.  

So I guess I just have work on being a better interviewee.  Make a list of my strengths and memorize it.  Keep my resume and portfolio up to date.  Keep working on developing my skill set.  Maybe look into getting a certification.

Blog-therapy triumphs again. I feel much better about future interviews and my ability to relate myself in better terms.  From now on, my three words will be

Yes, I can!


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