Just Say It

golden-trumpetWe all have filters that we use depending on the social setting we are in. Filters allow us to make change our words and actions so that they are more appropriate for our circumstances.  We filter our language.  We filter our style.  We filter our attitudes. For every outward action, there is a filter.

I think the most common filter is the verbal filter that people use when in the presence of children or adults they respect, as well as at work.  It mainly sifts out profanity.  But seeing as how I don’t make a habit of swearing, my verbal filter tends to help me by disallowing me to spew socially inappropriate comments.  Even if they happen to be true, I’ve learned that it’s still not okay to say so.  Which is really messed up if you think about it.  There it is, that big white elephant in the room, and everyone is acting like it’s not even there.  I get it that the truth can hurt, but if we started telling the truth more often, maybe people would grow thicker skin and learn to take criticism more constructively, which would be beneficial to them in the long run.  A real friend tells you that your jeans don’t make your butt look fat – your butt is fat.

I cannot be the only person that feels much better when I’m told what I’m doing incorrectly or if someone has a beef with me, so that I can fix it or at least clear the air.  (Okay, so usually, I need to be told if someone is upset with me because I tend to not pick up of things like that, especially if given the ‘silent treatment’, I’ll just assume you are feeling pensive.)  I would rather my foot be in my mouth than walking the wrong path.


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