Think for Yourself If You Dare

abeI long for the day when a political party is a party at which you talk about politics.  I can see that going well…

But seriously, I’ve decided that I don’t like any of the political parties out there – mostly because they are simply a political tool meant to tell me how to vote. So I am not independent, I’m not a republican, I’m not a democrat, I’m not tea party.  You cannot shove me into a niche so you think you know how I will vote.  I will not be told who to vote for by unions, lobbyists, terrorists, or anyone else, and I will not vote for anyone that perpetuates the the current political system that is steadily progressing us toward imperialism.  (Okay, so apparently that means that I don’t have anyone to vote for.) What were we thinking putting politicians in government where they have access to the system that limits them?  Of course they erode or ignore everything that impedes their self-gain, no matter the cost to the people.   And we sit by and let them.

I’m a voter that thinks for myself.  Try not to fall over in shock.

The awful state of our Union is the fault of every single citizen, including me.  The real question is how bad does it have to get before enough people realize what’s going on? They haven’t erased or rewritten enough history for us not to know where this road ends.  Are we so far down that road that there’s no turning back?


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