Political End of Useful Life

houseI’m beginning to wonder if all political systems have an “end of useful life” – at point at which the  ideas and principles behind the system slowly become twisted and corrupted until it can no longer by upheld by the people because it is unrecognizable as what it once was. The markers for this point would probably be

  1. Politicians and those that deal with government business gain much more from the system than is returned to the people.
  2. High dependence on the system for basic necessities by a sizable group of the population.
  3. Government trumping local laws and regulations that don’t pertain to national security interests.
  4. The creation of “spaghetti laws” that allow manipulation by loop holes and unnecessary complexity that contradict logic and common sense. As well as laws that meddle in peoples’ private lives.
  5. Reluctance by those in power to define who we are and who they are, because they are working both sides.
  6. The creation of laws and regulations to “fix” the original ideas that founded the system, which really only serve to skew the system in the governments favor.
  7. Egregious abuse of power by politicians with no consequences.
  8. Attempts at controlling the flow of information by suppression, propagandizing it or otherwise manipulating it to misinform the public. (Especially, changing the fundamental definition of words to suit an end.)
  9. The population portrayed as seemingly stagnant, mechanistic, and disinterested by the government when in fact the population is really preparing to boil over.
  10. Politicians that wield the country like a weapon or vehicle to do or get what they want.

I am sure there are more indicators, but for now, that’s all I can handle putting down.  I’m sure you can think of several examples of each of these indicators, and I’m also sure that as you do, your mind is also telling you it doesn’t mean anything because the implications are too overwhelming to accept.  “Yeah, but…” is ringing in your ears to help quell the agonizing thought of what this could mean.

Maybe after 150 or so years, we should wipe the board clean, start new from the foundation of the Constitution?  Call it political spring cleaning, or a high colonic, if you wish.  The problem is that one bad apple tends to make the other apples bad, too.  So a complete purge would be necessary, but how does a country go about doing that?  When the system gets so bad that the majority of the elected officials are rotten, elections for one or two candidates at a time is ineffectual. Our elections don’t happen fast enough to out pace the spread of rot.

We are a nation made up of individuals that have to be responsible for ourselves and for the government that we allow to exist.  How are you feeling about the government that you are allowing to exist?


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