What’s a Sheeple?

To me, a sheeple is an adult that has willingly exchanged his liberty and dignity for a pittance from the government and think that they are clever for doing so.

When raising a child, the focus should always be on the end result of creating a well-rounded capable individual that will not only be able to take care of themselves, but their own family as well.  But it’s easy to lose sight of that goal and slip down the slippery slope of excuses.  Yes, when your child falls off his bike, you help them up, clean and bandage the scraped knee, and console them.  But then you put them back on the bike.  They will complain that “it’s too hard” (at which time I hope you correct the misuse of hard for difficult) or “I can’t” or even “I don’t want to ride a bike anyway”.  Do you let them quit?  That’s what it is – quitting.  Here’s my point.  Children need to be taught to be self-sufficient adults.  It doesn’t happen magically.  They need to build a strong character and  that only comes by tackling problems face-on, persevering, and hard work.  But don’t forget failure.  Failure plays a huge part of forming strong character.  It allows us to have a comparison with success, because without failure, success has no meaning.  After that, you have to let go and hope they have learned what they need to know to keep their head above water.

Other examples of the way government has propelled this state of adult children would be:

  1. Systematic control over the education system to dumb down the teaching process, and promote a complacent attitude by discouraging competition (not keeping score so there are no “losers”) in academics, sports and play.
  2. Creating a cycle of dependency for basic necessities, home ownership, education, and health care.  The EBT system, federal student aid and ObamaCare are examples of this. Children are indoctrinated into the system and are not educated or encouraged to become financially or otherwise independent of the government.
  3. Perpetuating the myth that the government is “serving” it’s people by offering these “social services” when in reality, they are providing a dis-service to society as a whole by making individuals non-productive. These same individuals are the ones that will vote for politicians that promise to give them more “aid” regardless of the cost to their liberty.

The government would like to teach children that they don’t have to have character, they don’t have to try, that there’s no shame in letting the government take care of them and their offspring.  But that IS a shame. When adults pawn off their responsibility to the government they surrender control over their own lives – they lose their liberty and their dignity.  They basically become pawns of the government.  This is especially scary when time after time, governments have proved that their own self-serving interests get in the way of taking care of their people without fail. This would be my definitive definition of a sheeple.

The value of our freedom has been forgotten, and to regain it will cost us dearly.  There’s no amount of health care, education, free food, housing, or any other government service that can buy freedom. Our predecessors paid for it with their blood and if we lose it, we will pay with new blood.


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