Hung with your own rope

I think rope is underrated in comparison to the wheel, which get accolades as one of the greatest inventions of all time.  But what about rope?  If you think about it, without rope-like material our technological advancement might not have been so fortuitous. Okay, so that is not what I really want to talk about – I just want to emphasize how versatile and important rope is to civilization.  Hopefully, we can just take that at face value.

Responsibility is like rope.  There are all sorts of different types of responsibility like personal, professional, and societal as there are different types of rope.  Every time we are gifted with responsibility, we choose how to use that bit of rope.  Some people can weave an excellent tapestry, some will knit a sweater, some half-hitch it on another length of rope and make a hula skirt. Responsibility is seen as an opportunity to build upon and create something bigger and better.  But some see responsibility is a different light.  It is a burden, something you avoid, something you shirk, something you push off to others.  This is when the rope becomes a noose and it will eventually hang you.  In worst case circumstances, it can be a net that drags you down and pulls in others around you.

The sad thing is that you decide what to do with your own rope.  Why are so many people hanging from gallows, with big cartoon bubbles over their heads saying “It’s not my fault”?  Maybe because the prevailing thought of today is that we are products of our society, but I say what a big fat excuse to avoid having to take responsibility for yourself that is.  Our society is the product – it is what we have made.  Everyone has to do their part with the responsibility they are given, to make the world a better place.  When people take responsibility for themselves, they  will realize that we don’t need the government for 90% of what they are currently pushing on us.

You can do it – take responsibility for yourself.  Take responsibility for your mistakes because that’s the only way to learn from them.  Take responsibility for being dependable, hard working, reliable, trustworthy, and honest.  These are the responsibilities that will give you the best ropes to build something with.  But no matter what you create, responsibility always comes with self respect, no extra charge.


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