Are You Responsible for Your Great-Grandfather’s Crimes? Another Distraction.

Are the descendants of an ethnicity (or any other group of people) responsible for the crimes of their ancestors?  Especially if said crime was not a crime at the time they allegedly committed it?  Historically, the answer has always been common sense.  No. You are only responsible for what you do.  However, after listening to the United Nations recently, you’d think that slavery was just yesterday – not over 100 years ago.  From listening to the Unitd Nations, you’d think that women never got the right to vote.  You’d think that we still had segregated restaurants and buses. You’d think that we’d never allow the President to be any other race or gender but one. You would think that the United States didn’t have anti-discrimination laws. But let’s look at this another way.  I’m part Native American and I’m offended by the UN excluding my ancestor’s plight by the white man.  Now, I am really just making a point by ridiculous example; I’m not really that easily offended.  However, the point remains.  It seems like every time our world leaders are up to something, they go digging about 100 years into the past and dredge up some concocted reason why it’s pertinent today.

For example, the UN would have you think that today’s “Americans” are responsible for slavery issues from over 100 years ago.  And on top of that, today’s “Americans” should also make amends for it today.  What?  I could be wrong, but I’d wager that anyone that actually experienced slavery is not of this world any longer.  Are we going to look up the decedents of every slave owner and tax them for it?  And who gets that money?  Think about this carefully.  Should we punish or imprison someone because their grandfather was a slave owner, even if at the time the alleged crime was committed it wasn’t a crime?  How about if they were a murderer? If so, how far back (and forward) should we go?   Let’s look up all the descendants of everyone in history that has committed a crime – a crime by today’s standards – and punish them. That’s going to take a lot of prisons if we continue to be lead down this path.  Or maybe the Aristocracy in the UN would like us to use guillotines? My point is that this entire line of thought is absurdly ridiculous and has no place in our world today.

Beware of those that are fed fat with misinformation by the media and other whisperers (and sometimes shouters) of propaganda,  because they are merely effective puppets manipulated by those that see freedom as a threat.  The success of the United States is an affront to our enemies’ belief systems and as more countries get ideas from us, the more of a threat we become.  Therefore, they try to use our sense of moral obligation to shame us into following their twisted logic. Fail that, they will try to terrorize or bully us into believing their lies.  What they don’t want you to know is that the tensions in our country today are misdirected.  Our leaders have become as our enemies; living above the law in decadent fashion, and completely corrupt.  We have a media system that does nothing but lie for our leaders.  Our leaders blatantly show utter disregard for our well-being by ignoring the Constitutional laws that are supposed to govern them.  Our leaders have instigated  these distractions to keep our focus away from the real problem – our leaders.  Deep down we sense this, we know this and it infuriates us.

Why do people keep opening up historical wounds?  To distract us from the real problems.  There’s a time to make peace.  Make peace with others, make peace with yourself. It is illogical to choose the discontent and bitterness of holding a grudge.  Let the wound heal, and let the scar remind us what we learned, that we got through it and are better and stronger for it.  Leave the past in the past, but learn from it and make the future better.


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