My Kind of President


These are in no particular oder.

  • Be completely opposed to corruption of any sort, including, but not limited to, the sneaky things that politicians do like piggybacking, kickbacks, and about a thousand other things that I don’t care to understand or name.
  • They don’t have to be perfect.  In fact, I’d prefer if they could share some good-sized mistakes they made and how it changed them.
  • I don’t care about what color, race, or gender they are.  A good moral base and sound judgement is more important.
  • An understanding of how the real world works, primarily the fact that everyone has a role in society from the wall street executive to the school janitor, and that everyones value is based on their character, not their income.
  • Must believe, and act accordingly to the fact, America and Americans come first – always.
  • Recognize the importance of winning and losing, and call each by it’s name.
  • Holds themselves and others up to high standards. Personally tries to keep those standards, as well as help others do the same.
  • Be willing to follow the Constitution, even when that means letting states or more local jurisdictions make important decisions.
  • Be unafraid to call the sky blue; have a good grasp on the Truth and the courage to defend it.
  • Embrace, and teach others by example to embrace, differences in others.  Understand that we cannot thrive in an “all vanilla” world.
  • Have the wisdom to know what is a threat, call it out as such, and deal effectively with it.  Believe that no matter how devoutly “religious” you are, it is not okay to hurt innocent people.  Have the courage to tell people that if their belief system requires them to do something that is against our law, then this country isn’t where they want to be.
  • Understands the importance of Keeping It Simple.

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